How to Retrieve Your Password

Need some help logging in? 

Not to worry.  

Retrieving your Idea Hunt Password is simple.  When using Idea Hunt, you can have different credentials for different platforms or one set of credentials for a couple of different platforms.  Your password for is tied to the email address that you used when signing up for a specific Idea Hunt Platform. 

Here's How:

1. Head over to the Idea Hunt Platform you are trying to access. 

2. Click "Log In" in the top right corner.

3. Under the login button, you'll see a link that says "Forgotten Password?" 

4. Click the link.

5. Enter the email address that you used to register for the Idea Hunt Platform. 

Congratulations.  You've successfully completed the steps to have your Idea Hunt password resent. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.