How to Export a CSV File from Hunts

Downloading an Extended CSV File

To export additional information

All hunt admins or coaches are able to download, CSV files from hunts.  This file contains the information contained within a hunt on the Idea Hunt platform.  The default CSV file contains information such as the user name, email address, their idea and photos or video that were submitted.  There is an additional option to download an Extended CSV file from the hunt.  This is a setting in the Admin Panel. 

How to select the Extended CSV file

1. Log into your Idea Hunt Platform. 

2. Click the profile icon or photo in the upper right hand corner of the platform. 

3. Select the "Admin" option.

4. The seventh option on the resulting "Site Settings" page is labeled "Export Extended CSV File", select the box next to this option. 

5. Click the button labeled "Update" in the bottom right hand corner. 

Congratulations, you have selected the option to download additional information in the Extended CSV File.

When importing the CSV file from a Hunt into an application of your choosing, please take a moment to check that the tool which you are using it set to use comma as the delimiter.