How to Enable Multiple Idea Creators

Adding multiple authors to ideas in hunts

Ideation doesn't always happen in a vacuum.  Often, an idea is sparked and then a few people work together to develop that idea and bring it to life.  Idea Hunt allows you to assign multiple co-creators to an idea, whether they are added from the start, or added in after providing feedback. 

Enabling Co-Creators: 

1. Log into your Idea Hunt Platform.

2. Locate the user profile icon or image in the upper right hand corner of your platform, and click on it. 

3. Select the "Site Settings" option, below Configuration.

4. Locate the option that says, "Multiple Creators On Ideas".  Click the box. 

5. Click the button labeled "Update" in the bottom right hand corner. 

Congratulations, you have now made it possible for users to add additional creators to an idea.