How to Moderate Ideas within a Hunt


Removing or Changing the Status of an Idea 

Within an Idea Hunt, there are different options for marking the status of a submitted idea.  The status of an idea defines whether the idea is visible, marked as implemented, marked as a candidate to win the Idea Hunt, or whether it has won.   Below, you can find the statuses defined, and how to change them. 

Idea status options: 

Declined: Renders the idea invisible so that other users can no longer see it. 

Implemented: Gives your users an update on which ideas have actually been implemented. 

Published: The general or default status for all ideas until another status is selected.

Candidate: When you are in the deliberation phase, you can mark ideas as contenders for the wining idea.  

Winner: When you are ready to announce your winning ideas, select the "Winner" status and an email notification will be sent out to all who participated in the hunt. 

How to change the status of an idea: 

1. Sign into the Idea Hunt platform. 

2. Identify and select the appropriate Hunt and click into it. 

3. On the Ideas tab, locate the appropriate Idea and click into it. 

4. As a coach, you will have an additional functionality at the bottom of the idea, called "Coach Actions".  It is outlined in Red. Locate this section. 

5. Click on the dropdown in the "Coach Actions" section to view all of the options. 

6. Select the appropriate status. 

Congratulations! You have updated the status of the idea.